Maserati MC12

Choose parts for refinishing from the list of parts. There's a need to ship your sticky parts to our workshop for the refinishing, we don't sell new parts.
Carbon Seatback Inserts (price for all 6 inserts)
12 000 Kč Excl. VAT
Seatback Inserts (price for all 6 inserts)
Carbon Steering Column Cover (both - upper and lower)
7 000 Kč Excl. VAT
Dash Vent (each)
Sticky, ugly dash vents. You don’t want to touch them anymore. Our full refinishing process will make them look perfect, coating won’t fail again.
1 650 Kč Excl. VAT
Výdech topení (cena za 1 kus)
Dash Vent Surrounding (price for all)
11 650 Kč Excl. VAT
Door Housings (both)
3 960 Kč Excl. VAT
Rámečky klik dveří (cena za oba)
Door Locks (both)
5 000 Kč Excl. VAT
HVAC Panel With Knobs
„Bubbling“ and sticky HVAC panels - we don’t use decals from Ebay or any other poor solution, but we refinish it with our own technology. All knobs are disassembled and fully refinished. Graphics is laser etched and factory correct. We are even able to repair any electronics issue inside the panel.
14 916 Kč Excl. VAT
Klimapanel včetně ovladačů
Mirror Switch
We offer mirror adjusting without sticky coating on your fingers. Our coating and laser etched graphics will renew you mirror switch.
2 614 Kč Excl. VAT
Parking Brake Handle
If you don’t want to pull the parking brake handle and have the sticky mess on your hand we have permanent solution. Our refinishing process includes hard touch coating with silky smooth soft touch feeling which won’t get sticky again.
2 033 Kč Excl. VAT
Reverse, Undercarriage Button (each)
3 696 Kč Excl. VAT
Round Buttons (hazard switch etc., each)
Is the graphics on your round buttons damaged or even gone? Our solution with factory correct laser etched graphics will make them look great again for good.
2 614 Kč Excl. VAT
Seatback Release (set for 2 seats)
8 712 Kč Excl. VAT
Ovladač sklopení sedačky (sada pro 2 sedadla)
Window Switches (each)
1 782 Kč Excl. VAT

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