Choose parts for refinishing from the list of parts. There's a need to ship your sticky parts to our workshop for the refinishing, we don't sell new parts.
Dash Corner Vents (price includes 2)
70.64 € Excl. VAT
Boční ofuky oken (za 2 kusy)
Dash Vent Rings (price includes 5 vents)
504.57 € Excl. VAT
Door Buckets (metal) (price includes 2)
191.74 € Excl. VAT
Door Handles (price includes 2)
Having the sticky mess on your hands each time you get in and out of the car is really nerve racking. You can solve this by sending your door handles to our workshop. Fully refinished - coating and laser etched graphics. We also have this part in stock - don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in buying.
302.74 € Excl. VAT
Glovebox Lock (send locked)
Please send this part locked. Disassembling and reassembling of the part is one of indispensable steps of our refinishing.
90.82 € Excl. VAT
Zámek přihrádky u spolujezdce (zašlete zamčený)
Hood Release With Plate
151.37 € Excl. VAT
Páčka otvírání kapoty s rámečkem
HVAC Panel
Sticky HVAC panels - we refinish it with our own technology. Graphics is laser etched and factory correct. We are even able to repair any electronics issue inside the panel.
408.24 € Excl. VAT
Mirror Switch
We offer mirror adjusting without sticky coating on your fingers. Our coating and laser etched graphics will renew you mirror switch.
90.82 € Excl. VAT
Mirror Triangles (price includes 2)
161.46 € Excl. VAT
Dveřní trojúhelníkové kryty zrcátek (cena za 2 kusy)
Parking Brake Handle
If you don’t want to pull the parking brake handle and have the sticky mess on your hand we have permanent solution. Our refinishing process includes hard touch coating with silky smooth soft touch feeling which won’t get sticky again.
70.64 € Excl. VAT
Radio Knobs (price includes 2)
Radio tuning won't be suffering anymore! Enjoy refinished radio knobs in your Ferrari. We have this part in stock, don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in buying.
100.91 € Excl. VAT
Roof Knob
75.69 € Excl. VAT
Square Buttons (each)
90.82 € Excl. VAT
Steering Column Covers (both - upper and lower)
These parts are very often damaged and broken. The damage is also hidden under the sticky coating. We are able to repair and refinish these to look like brand new, but with our hard touch UV resistant coating.
201.83 € Excl. VAT
Switches (each)
Disassembled switches are stripped to bare plastic, cleaned and prepared for our new coating. We are even able to refinish and etch the symbols if needed.
60.55 € Excl. VAT
Upper Defrost Vents
Broken edges or screw holders are no problem for us. We can repair all imperfections.
201.83 € Excl. VAT

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